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A printable version of the previous winter programme is available here.
The 2017 summer programme is published below and available for registration.

Visitors are welcome to any of our Winter Talks - all we ask is a £3 contribution towards our speaker programme. 

Notes for Members:

Skippers can register to attend a sailing event by clicking the event's Register button.   Members wishing to crew on boats should post their interest on the Stowaway Interest Register where Skippers can then respond.  The register can also be used by Skippers offering crew places.  More details about crewing on other member's boats can be found here

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summer and winter programmes and statistics are available in the Archive.

    • 24 Oct 2017
    • 20:30 - 23:00
    • Papercourt

    Talk by Malcolm Thorpe

    • Speaker: Malcolm Thorpe
    • A talk about Bembridge in the past and moving towards the vision for the future.
    • Bembridge Harbour is owned by the Bembridge Harbour Improvements Co Ltd. This company went into Administration in April 2011 and was purchased  by Malcolm from the Administrators in 2012. Since then many improvements have been made and there is clearly more to come.
    • Organiser: Leon Barbour

    • 07 Nov 2017
    • 20:30 - 23:00
    • Papercourt

    A talk by Kevin Patience.

    The story behind the Royal Navy’s Dreadnought battleships and the naval arms race that led to the Battle of Jutland in 1916. In 1919 seventy four German warships were scuttled at Scapa Flow in Orkney by their crews, and Ernest Cox took on the largest salvage operation in history.

    Organiser: Bill Wood-Roe

      • 11 Nov 2017
      • 18:30 - 23:00
      • Papercourt
      Annual Laying-Up Supper.  

      Social event with optional fish or chicken and chip supper plus dessert at £8 per person collected on the night. If you don't want to eat, there is no charge.  

      Clubhouse and bar opens at 6:30pm. 

      Order your fish and chips before 7.00pm.

      Don't forget to bring your entries for the annual photo competition, in the categories:
      A) Things nautical
      B) Humorous
      C) Others

      There is also an "Original Art" category which is for anything that is not a photograph (but we do draw the line at sharks in a box and unmade beds).

      There is a stupendous prize for each category and no limit on the number of entries you can submit, so don't be shy.

      We will also have a photo caption competition which proved popular last year. We will select a humorous photo and then award a prize for the best caption.  If you have a humorous photo which we can use please bring it along on the night.

      • 19 Nov 2017
      • 09:00 - 17:00
      • Papercourt
      • 1

      One-day RYA First Aid Course (8-hours)

      Sunday, 19th November, 2017

      To be held at Papercourt Sailing Club, Polesden Lane, Ripley, GU23 6JX

      Course instructor:  Peter Lytton

      Timings for the day:

      • 09:00 hrs – prompt start
      • Morning and afternoon breaks for refreshments
      • Approx.. 12:30 hrs – Lunch break
      • Approx. 17:00 hrs – end

      Cost per person: £25.00

      Cost includes:

      • Instructor fee
      • RYA First Aid book (content of which is specifically written for water based activities)
      • Certificate
      • Morning and afternoon tea & coffee.

      Please bring your own packed lunch, notebook and pen.

      Please also wear clothing suitable for kneeling and lying on the floor as the course does include practical elements.  If a student has an injury or medical issue that may cause problems, please speak to Peter prior to the start of the course and he will adjust the course accordingly.

      Maximum of 12 places available therefore please register promptly.  If the course is oversubscribed, we will schedule another course early next year.

      Event organiser:  Andrew Barlow

      Event Registration

      The event is open to GCCC members only.

      GCCC members must each register individually, which means that partner members must register separately.

      Payment must be made by bank transfer to GCCC's bank account.

      Details: Sort Code 402226, Account Number 51377477
      Please use your surname as the reference.

      If a member and partner member both register then just one payment of £50 can be made.

      Confirmation emails will be sent out once payment is received.

      • 21 Nov 2017
      • 20:30 - 23:00
      • Papercourt

      Talk by Dr Martin Thomas

      • Speaker: Dr Martin Thomas.

      • In 1916 Shackleton and five crew sailed a boat from Antartica  800 miles to South Georgia to rescue the remainder of his crew. Martin and 7 friends chartered a yacht to retrace this epic journey.

      • Organiser: Bill Wood-Roe

      • 05 Dec 2017
      • 20:30 - 23:00
      • Papercourt

      A Talk by Paul Armstrong

      • Owning and maintaining a boat has been likened to standing in a cold shower, ripping up £50 notes. Paul will provide a detailed analysis of purchase, operational, repair and consumables costs for a typical boat over its 18 year life, complete with ratios, trends, regressive analysis, and 3 month moving averages!

        No, he wont. He will give you some interesting key financial facts and details, but will also be including almost 20 years worth of GCCC pictures, sea-faring tales and racey stories. People will be named, so it is best if you attend!

        And there will be a prize for the most accurate estimate of the operational costs for Paul over the 18 years of Pagetal being on the water.

      • Organiser: Bill Wood-Roe

      • 12 Dec 2017
      • 20:30 - 23:00
      • Papercourt


      Pre-Christmas drinks and the presentation of awards in various categories to members for noted contributions to the club's activities.

      Another great social night for all members

      • 09 Jan 2018
      • 20:18 - 23:00
      • Papercourt

      Annual General meeting for reports on the clubs activities over 2015 and the election of Committee members.

      All welcome!

      Anyone interested in standing for the committee should contact the Commodore.

      • 16 Jan 2018
      • 20:30 - 23:00
      • Papercourt
      • 78

      Talk by Tracy Edwards

      • Speaker; Tracy Edwards
      • "The Maiden Factor"
      •  Maiden was built in 1979. She entered the Whitbread 1981-82 coming fourth. Tracy with an all female crew entered the 1989/90 Whitbread to come an amazing third. In 2014 Tracy tracked Maiden down to the Seychelles and in April 2017 succeeded in returning her to the UK.
      • Note: all attendees must register in advance
      • Organiser: Bill Wood-Roe

      Event Registration

      The event is open to GCCC members and also members of associated sailing clubs and the public.

      Entry is free for GCCC members and £5 for all non-members.

      GCCC members and partner members must each register individually. Note: for partner members without an email address, the main member should first register and then send an email for the partner registration to
      Members can also register to bring non-member guests but the guests must be paid for in advance.

      Non-members must register individually and pay in advance of the event.

      There is a maximum limit of 100 places.

      Payment must be made by bank transfer to GCCC's bank account.

      Details: Sort Code 402226, Account Number 51377477
      Please use your surname as the reference.

      No physical tickets will be issued but confirmation emails will be sent out.

      • 30 Jan 2018
      • 20:30 - 23:00
      • Papercourt

      Talk by Duncan Wells

      • Speaker: Duncan Wells
      • Stress Free Sailing and MOB
      • Duncan is an RYA Instructor and a feature writer for Yachting Monthly and an author. He will give us tips for single handed and short handed sailing setting sail – trimming sails – navigation – anchoring etc.

      • Organiser: Bill Wood-Roe

      • 11 Feb 2018
      • 09:30 - 15:00
      • TBA

      Our Annual Winter Walk and Lunch

      • Normally about 6 miles
      • Where to be advised
      • booking details TBA
      • 13 Feb 2018
      • 20:30 - 23:00
      • Papercourt

      Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday

      Cooked by club member, the one and only, Clive Drury White

      All welcome

      • 27 Feb 2018
      • 20:30 - 23:00
      • Papercourt

      Birds of the Solent

      • Speaker: Chris Willard.
      • A talk on all the different birds around the Solent and their habitats.
      • Chris has lived in Keyhaven for some 40 years and has been a keen bird watcher since the age of 8. He sails a Cornish Shrimper out of Lymington. He will introduce us to the range of birds to be found in the Solent.

      • Organiser: Bill Wood-Roe

      • 13 Mar 2018
      • 20:30 - 23:00
      • Papercourt

      A Talk on Coastwatch

      • speaker: Tim Colquhorn
      • Tim is Head of PR for the National Coastwatch Instution. A voluntary organisation and a registered charity founded in Ciornwall in 1994 and now National. Tim will talk to us about Coastwatch and it’s memorandum of Understanding with the Coastguard.

      • Organiser: Bill Wood-Roe

      • 20 Mar 2018
      • 20:30 - 23:00
      • Papercourt


      Everybody welcome, not just new and prospective members!

      Presentation of the 2018 Rally Program.

      A chance to meet your committee, talk about memorable sailing trips and seek out your crew or boat(s) on which to 'stowaway' for the coming season.

      • 03 Apr 2018
      • 20:30 - 23:00
      • Papercourt

      Fitting Out Party and Quiz - always a very popular night.

      Please bring a savoury or desert to share, and your own plates/cutlery.   Salad and rolls will be provided.

      Join others on a table to make up a team for the quiz

    Past events

    10 Oct 2017 Launch of Winter Programme & New & Prospective Members Night
    07 Oct 2017 Elephant Boat Yard Hamble Rally
    23 Sep 2017 Island Harbour Marina IOW Rally
    09 Sep 2017 Yarmouth Rally
    26 Aug 2017 Itchenor Rally
    16 Aug 2017 Osborne Bay Mid-week Rally
    12 Aug 2017 Lymington Rally
    29 Jul 2017 Marchwood Rally
    22 Jul 2017 Yarmouth (YOSC timed challenge)
    12 Jul 2017 Newtown Creek Mid-week Rally
    08 Jul 2017 Port Hamble Rally
    04 Jul 2017 Summer BBQ
    24 Jun 2017 Bembridge Rally
    14 Jun 2017 Colwell Bay Mid-week Rally
    10 Jun 2017 SUMMER CRUISE
    27 May 2017 Poole Rally
    17 May 2017 Priory Bay Mid-week Rally
    13 May 2017 Beaulieu Rally
    29 Apr 2017 Lymington Rally
    15 Apr 2017 Chichester Rally
    08 Apr 2017 Shepard's Wharf Rally
    04 Apr 2017 FITTING OUT PARTY & QUIZ
    21 Mar 2017 New Member's Night & Launch of the Summer Program
    14 Mar 2017 Talk on Three of the Great Maritime Explorers
    28 Feb 2017 Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday
    14 Feb 2017 Talk - 'Around London in a small dinghy'
    12 Feb 2017 WINTER WALK and LUNCH
    31 Jan 2017 Talk by the RYA on their services for yacht sailors
    17 Jan 2017 Talk - All about Sails
    13 Dec 2016 Talk - Solent Sailing in the 1930's and the 1970's
    22 Nov 2016 Talk on Yacht GRP Construction
    12 Nov 2016 Laying-up Supper and Photo/Art Competition (Saturday night)
    08 Nov 2016 Talk by Yacht Surveyor Guy Nicholls
    01 Nov 2016 Talk by Captain McNaught of Trinity House
    18 Oct 2016 Launch of Winter Programme and Welcome to New & Prospective Members
    01 Oct 2016 Elephant Boat Yard, River Hamble
    17 Sep 2016 Marchwood Yacht Club
    14 Sep 2016 Newtown Creek (mid-week rally)
    10 Sep 2016 Sparkes Marina, Chichester Harbour
    27 Aug 2016 Poole Quay Yacht Haven
    17 Aug 2016 Priory Bay (mid-week rally)
    13 Aug 2016 Yarmouth
    30 Jul 2016 East Cowes Marina
    20 Jul 2016 Beaulieu River (mid-week rally)
    16 Jul 2016 Yarmouth (timed challenge with YOSC)
    09 Jul 2016 Northney Marina
    05 Jul 2016 Summer BBQ
    25 Jun 2016 Bembridge Harbour
    11 Jun 2016 SUMMER CRUISE
    01 Jun 2016 Alum Bay (mid-week rally)
    28 May 2016 Chichester Marina
    14 May 2016 Buckler's Hard
    11 May 2016 Itchenor Reach (mid-week rally)
    30 Apr 2016 Southsea Marina, Langstone Harbour
    16 Apr 2016 Lymington
    02 Apr 2016 Folly Reach
    22 Mar 2016 FITTING OUT PARTY and QUIZ
    15 Mar 2016 Talk on Anchor Rodes
    08 Mar 2016 New Member's Night & Launch of the 2016 Summer Programme
    01 Mar 2016 The Story of GCCC's summer cruise.
    16 Feb 2016 Around London in a small dinghy
    09 Feb 2016 Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday
    02 Feb 2016 Talk on Wind Farms; Their affects!
    19 Jan 2016 Talk on the Baltic Exchange.
    15 Dec 2015 Talk on Shipping Containers - The life of......
    24 Nov 2015 RNLI talk - Preparation for rescue
    10 Nov 2015 Casting Off - Emma Bamford, Deputy Editor of Sailing Today
    27 Oct 2015 The Thames Past and Present
    13 Oct 2015 New Member Night & Launch of Winter Programme
    24 Mar 2015 New Members Night
    24 Feb 2015 Briefing on 2015 Summer Cruise
    17 Feb 2015 An evening with Richard Nicolson
    14 Oct 2014 New Members Night
    07 Jun 2014 Studland Bay
    24 May 2014 Lymington
    06 May 2014 2nd Briefing on Summer Cruise
    03 May 2014 Marchwood Yacht Club
    19 Apr 2014 Chichester Yacht Club
    08 Apr 2014 New Members Night
    25 Mar 2014 Fitting-out Party and Quiz
    18 Mar 2014 Ropes and Splicing
    11 Mar 2014 Briefing on summer cruise
    04 Mar 2014 Photography
    18 Feb 2014 Atlantic Adventure with the ARC
    09 Feb 2014 Winter Walk (Sunday)
    04 Feb 2014 Marine Accident Investigation Branch
    21 Jan 2014 Chatham Dockyard
    14 Jan 2014 Annual General Meeting
    17 Dec 2013 Commodore's Punch Party
    10 Dec 2013 Sailing the Global Challenge - Round the World 2004-05
    26 Nov 2013 40 Years of Navigating, Positioning and Communications underwater
    19 Nov 2013 Skippers Debriefing on Summer Programme
    12 Nov 2013 Preparing My Entry for the Fastnet 2013
    09 Nov 2013 Laying-up Supper and Photo Competition
    05 Oct 2013 Gun Wharfe Quays Rally
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